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Beauty makeup artist (21 years old) fell from the balcony: She probably will never get back on her feet!

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Holidays in Thailand at the resort of Koh Phangan, associated with the celebration of the New Year, turned into a nightmare for the beautiful British Maddie Neil Shankster. Under mysterious circumstances, she fell from the second floor and received multiple injuries, including a broken spine. It looks like he’ll never get back on his feet.

Maddy spent the first weeks of the new year in a Thai hospital. And it is not surprising, because after the fall, she not only broke her spine, but also pierced her lung. Her parents Karen and Jamie immediately followed the unfortute woman from Britain. The situation is more serious than it might seem. A talented beautician runs the risk of not getting back on his feet.

In addition, as it turned out, the girl did not pay for travel insurance, and her move to the UK would cost her parents quite a lot. For this step, Maddy will need to find approximately 2.7 million crowns. “We are confident that once she gets to the UK, she will be rehabilitated and she will be fine.” her mother does not lose hope and hopes to return her daughter home within two weeks.

Unfortutely, the big scarecrow has not left the family yet. Will Maddie ever walk again? “We know there are still many obstacles in the way, but we believe we can overcome them.” Karen explained. Maddie herself doesn’t remember much about the accident. She was in Thailand on a three week trip with a friend to celebrate the start of the new year. He remembers only fragments of the evening when the accident happened.

She allegedly went out to the balcony to smoke a cigarette while her partner slept. Then I woke up in an ambulance from wild pain. According to eyewitnesses, Maddy had to lie under the balcony for several tens of minutes. “She only remembers flying through the air” her mother noted that although the lung and back surgery went well, it is still not clear whether the girl will walk. “We will gradually come to terms with this. she added for the Metro newspaper.

Source: Blesk

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