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Roman decline: Emperor Augustus imprisoned his own daughter, Emperor Tiberius owned an island of pedophiles

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The Roman Empire was grandiose in absolutely everything, including its excesses. Many dubious historians and even more dubious patriots say that it was this decadence, Hessonism, that ultimately led to the fall of Rome. But this is a mistake. The empire was corrupt from the very beginning.

For example, Emperor Augustus, the first Roman emperor, had to exile his own daughter because her promiscuity cost him his heir. Thus, Augustus, a public defender of morals and good manners, was forced to exile his blood to a small island devoid of men, entertainment, and alcohol. But any mistake by the First Emperor or any of his family does not correspond to what happened under his two successors.

Welcome to the new episode of History Hour, a podcast about the history of sex, sexuality and erotica, and today we are talking about the depravity of Roman emperors, starting with the first two – Augustus and Tiberius. And also let’s talk about how they laid the foundations for the rise of the king of atrocities, Emperor Caligula.

Jan Studnichka
January 2, 2023 • 12:48 pm

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