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Duda about Rulik: A good coach, but not a bouncer. Varaya is completely different

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He has known Radim Rulik since the age of fourteen, they are from the same region, they worked together. During his career, Radek Duda also benefited from the exercises prescribed to him by the famous trainer of the 20s. The former famous striker is now a sought-after persol trainer who also works with NHL players and openly alyzes the Halifax title for iSport Premium. What weapons does Rulik see, what does he lack? And why is the excellent result of the Czech twenty not an indicator of the Czech hockey education?

How big is the merit of the coaches led by Radim Rulik in the extraordiry success of the top twenty?
“Definitely big. Coaches have the biggest influence on the team’s progress, they either take the guys on their side or they don’t. And that’s how the tourment will be. The Halifax coaching staff clearly understood the key thing. Of course, I probably would not only take to the tourment some other players and train him differently in certain sequences of several matches, but that’s always the case.

You can sometimes hear in the industry that Radim Rulik is the perfect coach for young players. Certainly not only for them. Is the 20th floor just for him?
“If you look at his body language, his expression, it already causes respect for him, perhaps someone is even afraid of him. The generator works very well. An exceptiol coach who wants to play hockey at the highest level, in my eyes, must have charisma, tural seriousness, be extremely hardworking and at the same time extremely modest. The basic skills include the art of inciting the team to your side, the ability to be a good psychologist, strategist. The quality of the coach will be shown mainly in the club. A medal on reputation, of course, is nice, but on the other hand, let’s be honest. The semi-fil in Halifax with this team was a must. If Radim doesn’t win the title with Pardubice now, I’m sorry. There is no better team here. Certainly not on paper. To summarize, I’ll say on my own and quite honestly that I don’t consider Radim Rulik to be any special coach who will lose to others.”

Why not?
“He contacted me when he was 20 and he didn’t have an overview of the players in that category.”

Who seems let down to you?
“For example, he had no idea what kind of player Marek Alscher, an NHL draft fighter. So, in vain, he killed two representative events for a player who was clearly destined to become a champion. Attention, this is not only my opinion. I don’t think our hockey can afford to have such quality players lying around without knowing about them. If people want to become jack-of-all-trades, they must know all the applicants and give everyone a chance if possible. Unfortutely, we Czechs cannot create a normal player. The U20 championship showed how far the guys have come in foreign juniors.”

Can we say that Cada prepared the Czech team for silverware success?
“Definitely. Our guys entered a highly competitive environment and, accordingly, began to function and exist. On one line, the team component, on the other, hard individual improvement. Here we still want to do everything as a team, but we forget that hockey is an individual sport. If you want to achieve something, all you have to do is work on yourself, ideally with specialists, especially in the summer when you have the most time for yourself.”

We talked a bit about whether the 20-year-old and the hockey youth in general is the perfect place for Rulik.
“Radim is strict, principled, trains hard, has his own philosophy. He can put pressure on himself, take it off the players. All these are good qualities. This is his business, and I don’t have enough trips abroad for internships with him. What is behind him in this direction? In my opinion, almost or nothing at all. Today’s times are rapidly developing, let’s not lie to ourselves, Czech hockey does not set trends, you need to visit the world, get inspired, talk to people, share experience. And most importantly, as a coach you may have less talent, but you must always be adorned with character. This is the biggest pain for Czech coaches.”

What exactly do you mean?
“He wants to stand up for himself more and stubbornly go his own way, in which I have unlimited faith. Don’t change your mind, don’t make senseless compromises, and don’t always go after your boss for a few crowns.”

Do you put Radim Rulik on a par with Vaclav Varadi?
“It’s incomparable. Venca Varaďa is a completely different coaching potential and persolity.”

Source: Blesk

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