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The book of rhymes is not just for rhyming. How can it be used in cooking?

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Oregano, often referred to as Cuban oregano or Spanish thyme, is one of the best known medicil plants to grow at home on your windowsill. It freshens the air and helps not only with sal congestion. It can also be used in cooking.

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A rhyming wand can do much more than just clear your airways. It has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects, so it will help you with viruses and gingivitis. The leaves contain vitamins C, A and E and other valuable substances. The distinct scent of this cleaner will repel flies and mosquitoes. And besides, it tastes great.

Prepare healing syrup >>> from rhododendron

rhubarb syrup

At first glance, the rhyme book looks like a deaf ear. Although it is a distant relative, it differs mainly in its aroma, slightly menthol and slightly spicy. The great advantage of rhododendron is that it grows almost by itself. Just put it in a bright spot, ideally a windowsill, and don’t over water it. It is enough to water abundantly once a week. In addition, the rhyme tree is very easy to propagate. It is best to cut off part of the stem with at least one leaf and stick it in permeable sandy soil or put it in a glass of water where it will soon take root.

Freshly picked as first aid

The easiest way to use rhododendron is to take one fleshy leaf, break it, or knead it a little in your fingers and smell it or drip it into the nostril for a while, or rub the juice from the leaf into the nose. You can easily carry multiple tickets in a bag in your purse, such as first aid for colds or me to freshen your breath instead of chewing gum. They are very fleshy, so they will not dry out even after a few days. Just don’t put them in the fridge.

But there are many more ways to use the rhyme book. Let’s present the most delicious.

Rhyme Syrup

The preparation of rhododendron syrup is the same as spruce shoot syrup, which is prepared during May-June. Place alterting layers in a canning jar cane sugar and chopped rhododendron leaves, which can be further kneaded with your fingers or crushed in a mortar to release more aromatic essential oil. Filly, you can put me a few slices of lemon. Close the jar and let stand in a sunny place for two weeks. Strain the infused syrup and use it for colds and flu.

You can also prepare boiled version of syrup. Pour 25-30 into a pot rhododendron leavesadd peeled and sliced lemon and orange and pour a liter boiled hot water. Let everything stand until the second day, then strain the brine, add 1 kg. sugar and cook for one to two hours until desired thickness. Pour hot syrup into clean bottles and cork.

Rosehip tea

A little rosemary tea similar to mint or lemon balm. It is prepared from fresh leaves. Pick them about five and pour 200 ml of boiling water. Let it steep for a while, then strain and sweeten with honey.

Spices for meat and spreads

In general, sage can be used wherever sage is used. Both of these herbs they soothe the stomach and relieve bloating. Since the fleshy leaves of rhododendron cannot be dried, they are used finely chopped. Pairs well with beef, poultry, lamb or game. During the grilling season, rhododendron can be added to meat marides. Don’t be afraid to season pasta, spreads or eggs with it. And if you like smoothies, next time try mixing two rhododendron leaves with a little water.

For inspiration, here are some recipes you can follow. replace sage with rhododendron:

Steamed leg of lamb with mashed cauliflower and potatoes

beef olives

Italian pork roll

Pasta with walnuts

pate cakes

Sweet Chili Maride

Source: Blesk

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