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The gigantic salaries at PSG are unprecedented. Loss subsidized by sheikhs, UEFA threatens to intervene

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In Paris, a select team shines, built around Mbappe, Messi and Neymar. The goal is to pick up the coveted Champions League trophy in the spring. But there is a price to pay for hiring exclusive stars. PSG spent a record amount on wages last season, according to Football Benchmark. The current staff is worth £643 million a year, which is 17 billion 361 million crowns. UEFA will consider the club for violating fincial fair play rules – last year the club reported a huge loss of 326 million pounds (8.8 billion crowns), which is subsidized by wealthy owners from Qatar.

The Football Benchmark server specializes in fincial alysis of football clubs from the best European leagues. In the annual report, he gave figures that, in the case of PSG, put a man on his ass.

Over the past two years, the French giant has attracted Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Ashraf Hakimi, Gianluigi Donrumma. Star players are logically among the highest paid fighters on the team, especially Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

The amount for the players has risen to astronomical heights. The salary will be 643 million pounds, approximately 17.4 billion crowns. “PSG posted the highest wage growth of any club in European elite competition (45 percent in one year). Summer reinforcements play an important role in this,” Football Benchmark said in a report. PSG make up 109 per cent of all revenues and have suffered a huge loss of £326m (8.8bn kroner) over the past year.

The economy, which is heavily subsidized by wealthy Qatari owners through their companies, is once again under scrutiny by UEFA’s fincial fair play authorities. In September last year, the European body fined the club 56 million pounds (1.5 billion crowns). PSG already had to pay nine million, the rest depends on how they follow the rules in subsequent years.

Salary spending at PSG has surpassed the all-time record set by Barcelo in 2019. Even under captain Lionel Messi, £478 million (12.9 billion crowns) went into the dressing room. The Spanish club is also third in the table for 2018 when they spent £466m (12.6bn crowns).

But modern Paris has gone completely off the chain. Sergio Ramos, for example, signed a contract in the summer of 2021 after joining Real Madrid that guarantees him £440,000 a month (11.8m crowns) after taxes. This even works out to £1.9 million (51.3 million) before tax.

The elite attacking trio allegedly take much more. Top-paid Kylian Mbappe earns £4.88m (132m kr) a month before tax, Messi 4.32m (117m kr) and Neymar 3.8m (103.4m kr) ).


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