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President Zeman for Glitter on the choice of his successor and the last weeks at the Castle. Ask questions too

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Brilliance is preparing a comprehensive pre-election broadcast, as well as an exclusive commentary by President Milos Zeman. Experts from among sociologists, political scientists and other commentators will comment on the counting of the results of the first round of the presidential election, which continues on Saturday. On Sunday, the outgoing head of state Milos Zeman will also add his view from the castle in Lany to Blesk.cz. And, as usual, he will also answer your questions, Blesk readers.

The Czechs will go to the polls on Friday and Saturday. For the third time, they will directly elect the President of the Czech Republic. Intermediate and fil results are commented on by experts from various professions in continuous broadcast during the studies of Shine. Broadcasting will be led by experienced presenters from 14:00 to 20:00 Pavlin Gorakov (41 years old) and Market Volfov (32 years old). Political scientists, sociologists, constitutiol lawyers and former failed presidential candidates will give their answers. Glitter fashion guru In T (36) will also come to assess the style of the candidates and their colleagues.

Sunday at 11:00 Glitter will present live the 25th edition of the regular program “With the President in Lanes”. It contains the results of the 1st round of the presidential elections exclusively for our viewers and readers. commented the acting head of state Milos Zeman (78). Vera Renovitsa (37) will be the moderator and you can look forward to an intense debate that will also include readers’ questions. You can submit them right now via the online form.

If the first round fails to elect a new president, a second round will be held on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 January. The two strongest candidates from the first round will advance to it. The iuguration of the new head of state will take place in early March.

Source: Blesk

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