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Nymburk needs. What triggered the worst season in 20 years and who’s in line

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We could easily paraphrase a famous statement by intertiol footballer Gary Lineker over the past many years. Basketball is just a ten-player game, but Nymburk always wins. But this equation does not currently apply to the Czech scene.

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Nymburk struggles and in January the KNBL table is domited by the duo Brno and Decin. In recent years, the King of Nymburk has “squatted” to 3rd place, which is quite unusual. Perhaps this opens the way for the clubs that have been patiently waiting on the leeward side in recent years.

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Few dared to question the dogma that Nymburk should be the ruler of Czech basketball, who would come close to dry for the title. But all the fun comes to an end, and if in the last two decades there was a chance to beat Nymburk, then other teams have it right now.

Only in the championship, the central bohemia already has 6 defeats, which is the maximum figure since the 2002/03 season, when Nymburk was just making its way to the throne. In addition, the league is extremely balanced. Brno, Pardubice, Opava, Decin or Kolin? They grew wiser in all these camps, because suddenly Nymburk became defeated.

The decline of the ruler of Czech basketball may also mean an increased public interest in the KNBL. Who would have expected a rookie from Slavia to be able to beat Nymburk? Became. Similarly, already this season, Decin, Pardubice, Usti d Labem and even Kolin became defending champions twice. In matches with Nymburk, opponents don’t just give up for rations. This is a new era that entertains.

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How long the situation will last before the giant comes to his senses after a few instructions is a question. However, several aspects of Nymburk’s depression apparently came together.

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