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The legend described the chilling details of the million dollar robbery: “They put a knife to my throat!

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Renowned world sprinter Mark Cavendish had an unpleasant experience. In 2021, he was attacked and robbed right in the house by robbers. While testifying in court on Monday, he had to revisit that horrific moment. There, he said, the robbers held a Rambo-style knife to his throat. Cavendish’s wife, who was present at the crime, added that the cyclist was also threatened with a knife wound.

It took Mark Cavendish a long time to find a new job after last season. However, in recent days, one of the best sprinters of all time is facing very different challenges. On Monday, he had to remind himself again of the horrors of the November night of 2021. It was then that thieves broke into his house.

His wife Peta went first to investigate a suspicious noise in the house, followed by Cavendish. They found several men in their home who, according to Cavendish, had caught the cyclist.

“They grabbed him, put a knife to his throat,” Peta described, according to the Guardian.

The owner of 34 victories at the stages of the Tour de France himself then described the weapon in more detail. “It wasn’t the knife you have in your kitchen. It was black and with holes. It was a weapon.

Fortutely, he came out of this hack unharmed. The thieves were reportedly looking for two specific Richard Mille watches, of which he is a spokesman. Their cost was estimated at 300 (8,145,000 CZK) and 400,000 pounds (10,860,000 CZK).

“One of the men put a knife to his throat and shouted: “Where is the watch? And also: Do ​​you want me to stab you? Peta recalled. She tried to explain to them that they no longer have this clock at home.

In addition to the cyclist’s watch, they also took his wife’s watch, both spouses’ phones and a safe. Three suspects are currently under investigation. Romario Henry and Olyudeva Okorosobo specifically deny the robbery charges, while Ali Sesai has already pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery. Police have med two other men, Joe Jobson and George Goddard, as suspects, but neither has yet been caught.

A verdict is expected at the end of this week.


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