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VIDEO: How to teach children to eat healthy even outside the home? Consulted by nutrition expert Petr Havlicek.

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Eating Hyperactive Kids: Beware of Colored Foods and These Acids

Children’s menu

VIDEO: Piotr Havlicek on baby food many years ago and today: Children live worse, most parents cough and feed them unhealthy food

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Outrageous and perverse? No, that’s how they were brought up in the time of our great-grandmothers. Incredible photos to prove it!


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Moderator David Gransky as funny dad: What ritual did he “stole” with his son Mateo from his wife Nicola?

famous kids

Five years ago, she won the title of the most beautiful girl in the world. What does Astasia look like today and what would she like to be when she grows up?

Life story

She is 23, but she looks 8: I’m stuck in the body of a child, says a girl with a rare disease


Do you care too much about your children? You can harm them, experts warn

psychomotor development

Will he grow out of it? The flattened head of a baby is not just a lack of beauty

Fairy tales

The world’s oldest babies celebrate their first Christmas. Like embryos, no one cared for them for 30 years.


It couldn’t be more intimate: these photos capture the first seconds of a child’s life in the world. See exciting details

Video recipe

VIDEO RECIPE: Delicious cuts that require only two eggs. And you don’t have to beat the egg whites!

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