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For the first time, a South Bohemian ambulance transported a baby in an incubator by helicopter: he was waiting for a complex heart operation

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This year saw the first premiere of the South Bohemian Air Rescue Service. Newborns in an incubator were taken by helicopter to the Motol hospital in Prague. He was waiting for a complex operation for a severe heart defect. And it was a matter of seconds.

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On Tuesday morning, an ambulance delivered the newborn in an incubator to the base of the South Bohemian Air Rescue Service in Pla near České Budějovice. The pilot, along with a doctor and paramedic, then had to carefully suck the baby into the helicopter.

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“After carefully moving the incubator, the helicopter was able to take off towards Motol Hospital, where the baby is awaiting surgery for a severe heart defect. The transport was uneventful.” described the rescuers. This mode of transportation was the first for them.

Currently, such transportation of newborns in incubators can be carried out, for example, by air ambulance in Ostrava or Olomouc. “Recently, together with the neotology team, we implemented land transport in this way. Such transfers are not very frequent, but not isolated, and we are fully prepared for them,” they added.

The neotological team consists of a doctor and a nurse or paramedics from the České Budějovice hospital. From the ambulance in helicopters, only the pilot and air ambulance remain, the doctor must remain at the base, the smaller helicopter no longer fits.

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Source: Blesk

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