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The police closed the investigation into the death of two climbers: Ian (39) had to knock them down and then run away!

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The police proposed to prosecute the driver Jan C. for a tragic traffic accident in Adrspach, Nachodsky district. In August last year, two climbers died next to him, Matei Molkar ( 29 years old) and Zikmund Schwarzkopf Jr. (49). The driver fled the scene. Investigators have now completed a five-month investigation. The police propose to bring the 39-year-old driver to crimil responsibility for manslaughter by negligence, failure to provide assistance and obstruction of the execution of an official order and protocol.

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On Wednesday, the police reported on the development of the case on the website. The accident occurred on August 22, 2022 at the upper parking lot in the village of Adrspach. The case is under the jurisdiction of the Náchod District Attorney’s Office.

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“The man had previously been sentenced to one year and three months probation with five years’ probation for similar crimil activity. But due to the fact that during the probatiory period he committed another crime, the court changed his condition to unconditiol. Thus, the man began to serve his sentence, ”said police spokeswoman Lucy Konechya.

In the past, he hit a pensioner!

He is currently awaiting the development of the investigation in prison. “If the judge finds him guilty, he can increase the sentence by another six years.” End said.

At the time of the accident in Adrspach, the man was driving a car, despite a driving ban that was in effect until 2027. In addition, he was on probation for the death of an elderly woman whom he also hit with a car in 2016. He ran away from an accident in Adrspach.

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“At the time of the arrest, the driver had a negative breathalyzer test, but, according to the conclusion of an expert from the medical field of toxicology, at the time of the accident there was about 0.2 ppm of alcohol in his blood.. Also, from the conclusion of the transport examition, it turned out that the driver was driving in a place where the maximum allowable speed was 50 km / h, about 90 km / h, and that the damage was caused to the means of communication,” the message says. – said Konechya.

In the August incident in Adrspach, the leaders of the Šumava outerwear company High Point were killed.

Source: Blesk

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