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Seget Chicken with Paprika or Paprika Flavored Recipes

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Sweet pepper is one of the most used spices. It gives dishes a delicious taste, a wonderful red color, and a wonderful aroma. Therefore, it is not surprising that sauces, stews and meat mixtures prepared with it are a real delight for gourmets. Get inspired by our recipes and cook with paprika today.

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Sweet paprika is present in the taste of many Czech and foreign dishes. You can buy it in the form of fine grinding or in the form of flakes. The spice is obtained from ripe pepper pods, which are dried and then ground. Sweet paprika is most commonly used in cooking. However, you can also buy hot peppers, and both types are also smoked. The spices prepared in this way give the dishes a wonderful smoky flavor.

The basis of the dishes is mainly ground sweet paprika. Hot afterwards for their spicy flavor. Paprika is a very popular versatile spice that adds amazing flavor, color and aroma to dishes. However, in order for it to be at its best, it is important to store it in a dark place in a well-closed container and is best used within six months. Cook according to our recipes. They are so delicious that paprika definitely won’t age at home.

Szeged goulash

get ready Szeged goulash according to FOOD magazine This Hungarian classic of pork, sauerkraut and a generous helping of ground pepper is a great dish for chilly January days. With a hearty side dish in the form of dumplings, it will fill you up, warm you up and you will definitely like it. You can also try Szeged neck and a proven version of the pork belly in the form Szeged after our.

chili con carne

Spicy and savory. this is chili con carne. An iconic Texas food loved by gourmets from all over the world. Made with ground beef, beans, tomatoes and, of course, ground sweet peppers, topped with hot chili peppers, this dish is the perfect dinner and lunch box. It goes best with rice, a spoonful of sour cream and fresh coriander.

Paprika Chicken

Sauces are one of the most popular dishes in our kitchen and paprika chicken not an exception. In this Czech classic recipe, according to FOOD magazine, he replaced the cream with lovely fresh cheese, which softens and thickens the sauce beautifully. An excellent side dish are gnocchi with spich. Fans of traditiol creamy sauces can cook chicken with paprika and knuckle or a great shape change heart on pepper.

cabbage with sausage

cabbage with sausage it is a hearty soup that has been served on the table in Czech families for many years. Ground sweet pepper gives it a characteristic red color, cabbage – sourness, and sausage – a meaty taste. This honest homemade soup is sure to fill you up and give you the energy you need for the rest of the day.

Killer goulash

In the cold winter time, murder parties were held. Today they rarely happen, but, fortutely, they do happen. killer stew You can make this traditiol delicacy whenever you want. Just run to the butcher, choose the best cuts of meat and offal, and before you have time, the goulash will gurgle on your stove. And the garnish? Of course, it is best eaten with a slice of fresh bread and a glass of golden juice.

Source: Blesk

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