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The Slovak flew to the stars on the UCJ: he was barely standing at the gate! The NHL is asking…

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Adam who? Hockey fans will know the me of the new sensation after the junior championship. Slovak Adam Gajan received the tourment directorate’s prize as the best goalkeeper. Where he came from, he came here, and suddenly even the NHL teams are spinning around him. At the same time, he got into the tiol team from Tater additiolly, started with a triple and spent most of the time in a hotel with an illness in bed. In an interview with iSport.cz and the Sport newspaper, he admits that he sometimes lost sight of the puck.

Despite health complications, Gayan registered a 93.6% success rate and nearly set up a quarter-fil loss to Cada (3:4 points). “Even before the World Cup, I had fun with several teams from the NHL. There will be much more interest after that. Everyone asks me where I have been so far,” says the 18-year-old find. He also talks about foreign juniors, the university trip and Jan Lashak’s pivotal role.

The best goalkeeper of the junior world championship: Adam Gajan from Slovakia. How does it sound to you?
“(laughs) Sounds good. Before the tourment, I more or less expected nothing, because I was not even supposed to be there. It all happened so fast, I’m glad it happened.”

You won the award despite being elimited in the quarterfils. Do you know the me of your predecessor who did the same?
“I think a friend sent it to me. It must be Petr Mrazek (in 2012). I saw that I was only second in history.”

You have the correct information, but no one could have expected such success from you. You played your first match against Finland in the stands, your participation in the event was already surprising. When did the turning point come and the decision to become number one?
“I really got into the tiol team only later, because I was not even in the origil nomition. The team had already been together for a week when they called me.

Source: Blesk

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