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A sad hero and complex character heading to United. Why does he call his comrades at midnight?

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He belongs to Burnley, is on loan from Besiktas and is currently wanted by Manchester United. Wut Weghorst found himself in an interesting triangle. The striker is understandably interested in a move to Old Trafford. This is a unique opportunity that cannot be repeated. However, the Turkish club does not intend to termite the lease of the 30-year-old player, which so far blocks the entire transfer. Why is Witch Eric worth a 197 cm striker who calmly wakes up teammates even at midnight?

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specific character. In the case of Wout Weghorst, this is no secret. A perfectionist who alyzes a performance for hours after a match to improve it. And at night, he calmly picks up the phone to call his teammates and explain to them why they played poorly and what they need to improve.

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Many of them, quite understandably, often do not like it. It was at Burnley that he had to make enemies from several teammates. A year ago, he headed to the north of England with the aim of saving the club from relegation from the Premier League, which failed.

There was a clause in Weghorst’s contract that he would be allowed to leave if demoted. And so he went on loan for the season to Besiktas, where he scored 8 goals in 16 league matches and gave 4 more assists.

He also drew attention at the World Cup in Qatar, where he equalized with Argenti with two late goals in the quarter-fils and sent the fight into overtime. The Netherlands eventually dropped the pelty.

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And it was after the end of the championship that the first courtship took place either with Manchester United, or with Eric ten Haig. The 52-year-old coach knows Wut well, they are both from the Twente region and speak the same dialect.

A striker with a diverse scoring record (he scored 170 goals in 407 games during his career) is not opposed to a move to the Theater of Dreams. But the same cannot be said about Besiktas…

United officials first approached Burnley about interest. And they got the green light. But the Turkish club is not going to give up Weghorst.

On Monday, Besiktas even released an official statement denying reports that the loan included an exit clause of 2.5 million euros (60 million crowns). The decision remains only with the Turks.

What Wegorst is unhappy with is that he really wants to move to Manchester, to the point that he is ready to pay for the loan out of his own pocket. This – probably – will not happen. Besiktas do not want to interfere with him, but first they need to find a replacement.

It should be Vincent Abubacar, whose contract with Al-Nasr was termited to make room for Cristiano Roldo. He is now heading to Besiktas to replace Weghorst, who will then, paradoxically, represent Portugal at Old Trafford, where he is expected to remain until the end of the season.

Here’s how it should work in an ideal scerio. Although the ideal…

Yes, Weghorst was never a top target for Manchester United. It’s more of an emergency solution. Plus economy. In winter, the Red Devils certainly do not have a large transfer budget. Probably not. It’s not that they’re fincially bad. This is a combition of several factors.

During the summer they spent 240 million euros (5.8 billion crowns), exceeding the origil plan by 40 million. And the fact that the club is now in the sales stage also plays a big role. The American Glazer family, which owns United, is looking for a buyer and is now definitely not going to allocate additiol funds to strengthen the squad.

The sale of “Manchester” should take place in the spring, they say about the interest from the companies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

But with the departure of Roldo, the Red Devils have few options on the cutting edge. Basically the only striker is Anthony Martial, but he was injured three times in the first half of the season. Marcus Rashford is picking up the shape of his life, scoring goals, but he is at his best on the wing. And further? Nothing…

Witch complained several times that he needed more offensive options to increase competition. He played for Joao Felix. But Atlético Madrid’s fincial demands were exorbitant, putting both United and Arsel on hold.

They were accepted only by Chelsea, who will pay 11 million euros (260 million crowns) for the Portuguese’s six-month loan, as well as cover Felix’s entire salary, which is 280 thousand euros (6.7 million crowns) per week.

That’s why United turned their attention to Weghorst. Especially because of Ten Hag who takes care of him. At the same time, they know each other, and Wut is a perfectionist. A bit of a complex character, maybe a freak, but he’s an honest player who set a Premier League record of 57 tackles in one game last season. He averaged 48.7 per game.

In addition, he can score goals and with his 197 centimeters will bring a new dimension to the offensive. With him, Manchester will have more opportunities and less readability for rivals.

The player with his size is suitable for the fil minutes. But Weghorst is not only a typical figure forward in the spotlight, he is also good technically, he lacks an intermediate game.

But first, all parties must agree. Further meetings are scheduled for today. As for Weghorst, he is understandable, he said goodbye to the Besiktas fans on Saturday after a goal against Kashmipas (2:1).

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1. Arsel 17 fourteen 2 1 40:14 44
2. Manchester 17 12 3 2 45:16 39
3. Newcastle eighteen nine 8 1 32:11 35
four. Manchester United. 17 eleven 2 four 27:20 35
five. Tottenham eighteen 10 3 five 37:25 33
6. Liverpool 17 8 four five 34:22 28
7. Fulham eighteen 8 four 6 30:27 28
8. Brighton 17 8 3 6 32:25 27
nine. brentford eighteen 6 8 four 30:28 26
10. Chelsea 17 7 four 6 20:19 25
eleven. Aston Villa eighteen 6 four 8 20:26 22
12. crystal palace 17 6 four 7 17:25 22
13. Leicester eighteen five 2 eleven 26:31 17
fourteen. Leeds 17 four five 8 25:31 17
15. Nottingham Forest eighteen four five nine 13:34 17
sixteen. Bournemouth eighteen four four 10 18:39 sixteen
17. West Ham eighteen four 3 eleven 15:24 15
eighteen. Everton eighteen 3 6 nine 14:24 15
nineteen. Wolves eighteen 3 five 10 11:27 fourteen
20. Southampton eighteen 3 3 12 15:33 12

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