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CUTTING: Olomouc – Comet 1:4. Boost for Brno, Chalet also scored

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CUTTING: Olomouc – Comet 1:4. Boost for Brno, Chalet also scored

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Brno created the match’s first big chances during the power play, but Chalet’s attempt only hit the post, while Kollar rrowly missed from the circle. Immediately afterwards, Furch held the puck in front of the goal line during a dangerous block. Konrad from Olomouc also well saved Raszek’s shot from outside the circle.

The second period began as cautiously as the first part of the game ended. Five minutes later, Musil appeared alone in front of Furc, but only hit the concrete of goalkeeper Brno. Furch then also intervened against Navratil’s shot and at home, Konrad covered Koblizko’s finish in a short amount of time.

The important first goal of the match was scored by Komet on the power play, when Kucerzyk’s shot in front of the goal was directed by Fleck from behind Konrad. Olomouc could immediately level the score, but Kuska’s shot into the open net was stopped by one of the Comet players.

The third period began with Olomouc’s powerplay, during which Furcs scored twice against Navratil. Immediately after returning from the box, Pospisil decided to take a stealth shot and Konrad was saved for the second time by the goal structure. After that, the Olomouc goalkeeper kept his team on a separate run from Koblizhek, who only headed into a trap.

However, Kometa took a two-goal lead when Holik maged to outnumber two goals to one. Olomouc immediately closed the gap, former striker Brno Plaszek showed himself with an accurate shot in the upper right corner.

Cometa then used the second powerplay of the match and extended the lead again to two goals. Among the scorers was Zatovich, who sent Kundratek’s shot from the left into the net. Kollar then sealed Brno’s victory during a home majority game into an empty net.

Feedback from trainers

Jan Tomayko (Olomouc): “Kometa” played well in defense, it was difficult for us to move forward. Due to the fact that we were losing, we had to constantly push ourselves to attack, and Cometa used this to break through. With the score 0:1, we had chances that we didn’t convert. Then Cometa took a two-goal lead, and it was already difficult. In the third period, we no longer had enough drive, because in the previous games we played three fives. We didn’t have enough juice to break it. But it cannot be said that today there was an explosion on our part, certainly not. The guys basically need to rest, because we had a lot of sick players. They need training now. We welcome the break between matches.”

Yaroslav Modry (Comet Brno): “We put on a great team performance today with the support of a great goalkeeper (Dominik Furcz) who gave us the chance to win the match. We helped each other with special teams both on power plays and on downs. Thanks to this, we have found a way to win. We are trying to build a new identity and launch it again. I believe that today we have taken a step in the right direction.”

MOOD: Olomouc – Comet Brno 1:4. Inspiration for guests scoring and chalets

Video in progress…

11. 1. • 18:00
HC Olomouc
HC Olomouc

January 11

HC Comet Brno
HC Comet Brno

Watch online broadcast

VIDEO of the match HERE


Home: 49:21. Plashek ml.

Guests: 33:38. Fleck 45:10. Holik, 55:02. Zatovich, 58:52. Collar


Home: Konrad (Lukash) – Ondrushek (K), Duisik, Maresh, T. Cherny, Rzheznicek, Shvrchek, Rutar – Orsava (A), Knotek (A), Bambula – P. Musil, Kunz, Plashek Jr. – Navratil, Found, Kuzco – Olesh, Andel, Klimek.

Guests: Furch (Kavan) – Kucherzhik, Kundratek (A), Schotka, Holland, Hrbas, Gulashi (A), German – Pospisil, Holik, Gorki – Zatovich (K), Kollar, Fleck – Raska I, Zboril, Chalet – Koblizhek, Strömberg , Suess.


Gribik, Prazhak – Gebauer, Kis


Olomouc Winter Stadium


5 142 viewers

HC Olomouc

All about the club HERE

HC Comet Brno

All about the club HERE



36 20 four 7 five 117:86 75


35 eighteen 8 four five 104:70 74


35 17 four five nine 108:71 64


35 17 four 1 13 92:79 60


37 sixteen four 2 15 96:88 58


36 eleven 6 10 nine 109:96 55


37 fourteen 3 7 13 93:99 55


35 12 7 2 fourteen 95:91 52


36 eleven 6 2 17 89:110 47


36 eleven 2 7 sixteen 98:107 44

M. Boleslav

35 10 four five sixteen 73:86 43

No. Budejovice

35 10 four 3 eighteen 83:99 41

K. Vari

35 eleven 3 2 nineteen 81:110 41


35 nine 3 five eighteen 78:124 38
  • Playoff Generals
  • Generali play-off prelimiry round
  • Barrage

Tipsport extra league

16 hours ago

Hradec Králové broke the Tigers’ hockey sticks, they are angry: shame, should we issue a bill?

Hradec Králové broke the Tigers' hockey sticks, they are angry: shame, should we issue a bill?

Tipsport extra league

12 hours ago

Chalet helped win on his return: the team was fine. Why didn’t he stay in Cada?

Chalet helped win on his return: the team was fine.  Why didn't he stay in Cada?

Source: E15

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