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The driver on the highway D10 stopped in an accident: She was hit by another car! She wanted to help, she herself died …

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On Thursday morning, a large number of cars collided on the icy highway D10 in Mladoboleslavsk. A woman who stopped before the accident and got out of the car in a reflective vest was hit by another car. She was seriously injured and died on the spot. The highway was blocked in both directions.

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One of the accidents that occurred in the direction of Liberec had tragic consequences. “The woman got out of the car and stopped in front of a traffic accident that happened in front of her. She was wearing a reflective vest and apparently went to ask the crew if she needed anything. The woman was hit by another passing driver. She had very serious injuries, and she died on the spot, ”said Vlasta Suhankova, spokeswoman for the Central Bohemian Region police.

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According to spokeswoman Monika Novakova, paramedics treated a woman with no signs of life, who was found outside the car. “There was also a man with a medium wound, whom we airlifted to the Liberec hospital,” Novakova added.

In connection with the investigation of the fatal accident, the highway in the direction of Liberec was blocked in the morning, the police sent a documentation team with drones and investigators to the scene. According to Sukhankova, traffic in Liberec was partially restored around 10:15 a.m. when cars began to move along the left lane.

Columns formed on the highway, in which several buses remained standing. “We are taking the buses off the track. Unfortutely, several formations heading to the Liberec Region are already stuck here.” This was reported on Twitter by Prague Integrated Transport.

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Traffic accidents complicate traffic on many roads and highways since Thursday morning. Several people were injured as a result of the accidents.

Source: Blesk

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