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Sex turned into a bloodbath: a bully cut off his partner’s penis and head!

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Violent orgies ended in terrible death. Twenty-five-year-old American Taylor Shabiznes cut off the penis and head of her peer Shad Tyrion during sex. She then stuffed them into containers. He will be charged with first-degree murder, mutilation and third-degree sexual assault.

When police broke into the Wisconsin home where the horror was supposed to take place last February, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They said they found a man’s head in a bucket. Then, when they checked the Schabusiness van, they found a dish with a penis inside.

When the woman was arrested, she mocked them. “You can have fun finding more pieces” she told detectives, according to the Daily Star website. Then she admitted to the police that she and her boyfriend often took methamphetamine, even before fatal games. For them, they both chose the home of poor Tyrion’s mother.

Sex degenerated into something unimagible under the influence of drugs. Aggressive Shabiznes raped her partner, killed and then dismembered his body. She then spread the body parts around the house and in her car. What’s more, the killer continued to have sex even after Tyrion’s death. “I just enjoyed it” she admitted.

It is unclear how the woman will be treated after the trial. He reportedly suffers from a number of mental disorders. “She was hospitalized several times in a psychiatric hospital.” her lawyer said. But Matthew Seipel, a court-appointed psychologist, says Shabiznes has a right to stand trial. It will take place on March 6, 2023.

Source: Blesk

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