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Raiffeisenbank offers a loan to finance photovoltaics with a government subsidy of 35% of the project cost

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Raiffeisenbank is offering a loan to purchase a photovoltaic power plant (PV) and related technologies as an energy solution for a company in order to increase the company’s energy independence and security and reduce electricity costs.

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Raiffeisenbank offers fincial, design and construction solutions in one package. Up to 100% of the investment can be finced, up to 25 million crowns, and up to 35% of the project cost can be covered by state subsidies. The maximum possible loan repayment period is 15 years.

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In addition to its own fincing of a photovoltaic power plant, the bank can also help with subsidy applications and supply of the entire solution, including individual administrative steps and insurance. Thanks to well-established partnerships, the service works on a modular basis, i.e. in accordance with the real needs of the client, because the individual services do not depend on each other.

In fincing, the bank includes not only its own photovoltaic installation, but also any modifications to the building. As part of the loan, it also finces related technologies such as heat pumps, batteries and others. In addition, funding is not tied to the terms of the subsidy, receiving it supports economic returns.

“We fince all types of photovoltaic power plants and within the framework of the loan we can solve their more complex solutions on the territory of this company, i.e. on the ground, on the roof, other objects, or, for example, in shelters in parking lots, etc.” says Vaclav Steti, director of corporate banking.

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As part of the product, the bank also offers the possibility of insurance against lower solar activity from Uniq and supports the diversification of the energy balance of the Czech Republic and energy independence.

An illustrative example that does not take into account the type of roof, lighting, etc.:

PV power is expressed in kW, whereby one kW of installed power occupies approximately 6-7 m2 of the roof. A 150 kW photovoltaic plant is typically installed on a 1000 m2 rooftop and thus produces about 150 MWh of energy per year. The average price of 1 MWh last year was about 5,000 kroons, so the power plant will produce electricity for about 700,000 kroons per year. The cost of installing a 150 kW power plant without a battery is about 3.4 million kroons, of which 1.2 million will be covered by subsidies (35%). Thus, the payback reaches approximately 5 years (without subsidies).

Source: Blesk

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