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She did not let him copy, so he strangled her: Foreign student received severe punishment for the murder of a classmate

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The brutal murder of 21-year-old Ukrainian student Maria still resotes in Slovakia. Vladimir, a classmate a year older, is responsible for this. He mercilessly strangled the poor girl right in the Bratislava dorm room. The madman already knows his punishment!

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Absolute bality led Vladimir to the horrifying murder of an innocent student. He failed one of his exams. And what did he say Mary did? She wouldn’t let him copy from her. Vladimir could not stand it and wanted to tell her everything. “He was outraged that the victim didn’t give him anything to copy and then didn’t reply to his messages,” it is in the court records.

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The young man entered Maria’s room, where he mercilessly strangled her. At first, Maria maged to defend herself against the aggressor, even scratching his neck. Unfortutely, Vladimir won. After the murder, he covered the girl with a blanket and left the scene. His behavior is all the more cowardly because he made an alibi after the murder. He called the girl’s friends and relatives to see if they knew what was wrong with her, because she had not heard anything about him. After that, his conscience overtook him, and he surrendered to the police.

He told law enforcement that he was suffering from a mental disorder. “Once he stopped taking the medication, he couldn’t control himself. At the same time, the defendant stated that what was happening was dictated to him by his head,” the statement reads. the police said.

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However, neither the investigators nor the courts accepted his excuses. On Wednesday, February 11, the district court of Bratislava punished Vladimir. The man was sentenced to fourteen years and six months in prison for a murder committed by students. He will serve his sentence in a maximum security prison. He must also undergo medical treatment and is prohibited from drinking alcohol. Vladimir could only do one thing at court. “I feel innocent and sorry” he said after the verdict, according to the JOJ TV website.

Source: Blesk

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