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Reading about the Czech Republic is fun, but it’s worth it! Why don’t we pay less for e-books?

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ONLINE: In connection with the bloody battles for Soledar and Bakhmut, Zelensky convened a leadership meeting. He wants to help defenders

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You may have thought about this when you bought new books. Shelves in libraries are not bottomless, you can’t take more items on vacation either, it’s more convenient to read e-books. But how is it possible that they cost almost as much as paper ones? Sometimes it may just be an appearance. “The base price recommended by the publisher is typically 30-35% lower for most eBooks. However, prices for both versions are sometimes close in online bookstores due to more frequent or larger print discounts,” said Josef Jacques, Albatros Media Sales Mager. “They have more competition, and so sellers cut their margins more,” he said, adding that e-books, on the other hand, can be significantly more profitable during discount promotions.

According to the Natiol Library of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences, a total of 19% of Czechs over the age of 15 at least occasiolly read books in electronic form. | Freepick

So what determines the price of print and e-books? Book preparation costs such as license deposit, translation, editorial preparation, etc. “These are reflected in the prices of both formats. This is not the case when readers of printed books pay for everything, and an e-book can be even cheaper,” said Jacques. “There is also the cost of proofreading, typesetting, envelope and marketing investment,” said Adam Pyha, head of e-commerce at Knihy Dobrovský. “While printing costs are excluded, it is only a small fraction in the long run,” he added. Daniel Kadner, head of the B2C department at Palmknihy.cz, spoke about the additiol costs for e-books. “Someone has to produce them, store them in a data warehouse and mage the distribution infrastructure. Then the price reflects the fact that the book is not only about the form, but also mainly about the content,” he told Shine.

King of Scandivian crime Jo Nesbø for Glitter:

King of Scandivian crime Jo Nesbø for Glitter: “I’m not a tough guy!”

It’s basically a passion

As Kadner has shown, in recent years, one of the most popular genres of e-books are erotica and romance. Thus, they combined traditiolly strong detective stories, social novels and fantasy. “In addition, they are very interested in the share of e-books and books sold. If for social novels the share of e-books is calculated in units of percent, then for erotica it is more than half of all sales,” he said.

Reading spurred book stagrammers

Bloggers, influencers, bookstagrammers. What or who is it? Just people, especially young people, who recommend or talk about books and rate them on social networks and blogs. “People ask me if they read a lot in the Czech Republic. The answer is yes, says Lucy Zelinkova, one of the world’s most famous book influencers. Through the Internet, people recommend books, rent books, and form reading clubs. Thanks to this, 60% of people buy at least one book every year!

Source: E15

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