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Pilsen to christen the new hall in front of the badminton extraleague cameras

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The main part of the mixed extraleague has moved to the second half, the third double round will take place next weekend. And he will offer a number of interesting fights, especially battles for the playoffs or direct access to the Fil Four. Saturday’s treat will be shown on the screens of Thu Sport Plus. Stavos Brno will come to the new Pilsen Hall. On Sunday, the leader of the competition from Vetek d Jizerou will present himself at BO Chance Ostrava.

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After four matches, the two main favourites, defending champions from Venice and Slati from Brno, have come out on top. After the third double round, both teams will aim for direct entry to the Fil Four, where the first two teams will immediately go after the regular season.

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In Saturday’s match, the Central Bohemians will have to deal with an outsider from Cesky Krumlov. Lucy Cer will arrive strengthened by two victories at the Český Teszyn tourment, and longtime supports Jaromir Jacek and Tomasz Svejda should not be missing either. However, the first point of the season would mean a first-class sensation for the team of Radek Votava, the Venetian team has a very strong squad. Matches at the CR Project Are start at 15:00.

The overcrowded squad of Ladislav Worla will head west first when they meet BA Plzeň. A big test awaits Jan Louda and possibly Jiri Kral. It should be a real singles celebration, whether Svendsen, Wittingus, Nikolov or the still current Milan Ludik show up in the Slati jersey. The match in the new hall on Krasovska street, which will serve the representatives of the Natiol Center, will start on Saturday at 16:00 and will also be broadcast live by the program Th sport plus.

Meteor, who currently plays the role of a pike in the extraleague and has a great third place, will start a tough weekend change against FSpS Brno. There is no favorite in the Saturday match, which starts in Vinoře at 13:00. This is facilitated by the fact that Ondrej Kral will face his former team for the first time, as well as Lucy Krulova, who went in the opposite direction and is the support of Ondrej Lubaš’s team.

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The derby will take place in North Moravia. BO newcomer Chance Ostrava hosts Klimkovice and we can expect a duel between representatives Tereza Švabikova and Kateri Tomalova, unless, of course, both coaches choose a different squad. If Klimkovic’s team wants to think about points, they will again need a margin of victory from one of the temporary stars of the Danish extraliga Andreas Søndergaard, who is showing himself in a great light so far. The fight is scheduled from 11:00 in the Rider Sport hall.

The program of the Extraliga will not stop on Sunday, and high-quality badminton will remain in Ostrava. Klimkovice, who play in the Poruba section, will meet Meteor from 11:00. It can be expected that this will be almost a vital matchup for the home team to keep the playoff hope alive. Among other things, we are interested in meetings of the Polish youth (Szymanowski – Szydłowski), as well as a large number of representatives of the Czech youth, who get a lot of opportunities in both teams.

Český Krumlov takes charge of Tomasz Knopp from Pilsen. They don’t take anything other than a full point gain. Only he will help them in the battle for direct access to the Fil Four, which they want to try. Lucy Cer and Sonya Gorzinkova had to put on heroic performances to have a chance to succeed in the domestic market, especially in the men’s singles, the BA Plzeň team is still on another level. In the hall on Khvalshinskaya, the first duel is played from 13:00.

The Sunday hit from 13:00 will also feature CR Project Are in Betki d Jizerou and BO Chance Ostrava. Both teams confirm their pre-season ambitions and their fight will be one of the highlights of the regular season. The hosts should domite more in doubles. Ostrava has excellent single players (Filimon, Koljonen). Teresa Švabikova certainly wants to be as domint as she was at the European Championships if she is offered to fight Venice’s Agnes Körösi again. We will see the derby in Brno at 11 o’clock. Before the start of the competition, Slati, who is the paper favorite, was played as the hosts of the field. However, in the derby this position is often quite tricky, but the FSF is not such a wide composition, and especially in singles, the strength should be on the side of the home team.

Round 3 – Extraliga
BO Chance Ostrava Sportclub – TJ Sokol Klimkovice
BA Pilsen – SK STAVOSH Brno Slati
BC Meteor Prague – BADMINTON FSpS MU
BK 1973 Venátky d Jizerou – SKB Český Krumlov
TJ Sokol Klimkovice – BC Meteor Prague
SKB Cesky Krumlov – BA Pilsen
BK 1973 Venátky d Jizerou – BO Chance Ostrava Sportclub

Source: Blesk

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