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Puskarchikov about Ruhpolding: the stink of cheese, crazy people and no rest

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Biathlon moves to Germany, where from Wednesday the race program in Ruhpolding is in the program. They will start with a men’s endurance race followed by a women’s race on Thursday. According to former athlete Eva Puskarchikova, nothing will be easy in this long race. “The track is flat, but at the same time it doesn’t give you a place to rest,” he recalls in a video for iSport.cz. And such a pearl: “I also think about smoke from pipes, cigarettes and the smell of stinky cheese from skewers,” he laughs.

Here she once maged to win the women’s relay, and in 2017 in Ruhpolding she took 6th place in the pursuit. These are the biggest achievements of Eva Puskarchikova in the biathlon center. She really liked this place in the carousel of racing.

“I can’t say why, maybe because of the memories of what the girls and I did or didn’t do there. I think I liked the track too. It is so flat, but at the same time it does not provide a place to rest, you have to work everywhere, ”said the former biathlete that she was waiting for her former colleagues.

Not only the races themselves leave a mark on the memory of the athletes.

“When I hear the word Ruhpolding, I think of pipe smoke and cigarettes and the smell of that stinky cheese. Because there are so many fans and they are so crazy. And the organizers set up kiosks with scks for them right next to the track. They always ripen there, and when you drive by, he stuffs your mouth. Which isn’t exactly ideal when you’re at maximum intensity and need more fresh air,” Puskarchikova added, a feeling you can’t get from TV screens.

Speaking of the track, the shooting range also needs to be enlarged.

“I would rate it as quite easy to read, it is not one of the most difficult. You approach it from the hill, so you also have enough time to catch your breath. For this reason, I would say that the shooting here is generally very even.”

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