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Lucia Lagastra, wife of Lino Banfi, has died. Daughter Roseanne: “Have a nice trip”

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Lucia Lagastra, 85, deceased. Lino Banfi’s wife and Roseanne’s mother passed away after a long illness, which Lino and Roseanne often talked about in interviews they released over the years. The actress announced this with a post on Instagram: the photo shows Lucia in a dark dress, with a beautiful smile and an ice cream cone in her hands. The black-and-white picture is accompanied by a few words: “Hello, mommy, now you are like that again. Bon Voyage”. There are no comments yet from Banfi.

Zagariya suffered for many years from Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease that caused a lot of pain to her family and friends. Rosanna, in a recent interview with Verissimo, spoke about how her mother was involved with Lino: “Mom has been unwell for several years, and she always feels the need for a dad by her side. She is always looking for him, and this happens before. everything else, above all: the health and unity of the family.”

Lino and Lucia: a 60-year romance and a request to Pope Francis to die with his wife

Lino and Lucia have been together for over 60 years: sincere, lasting love, which, unfortunately, in recent years has not been enjoyed as much as they would like. In an interview, Banfi talked about how angry he was about his wife’s illness: “I don’t agree that my wife is unwell, I’m angry that after many years of sacrifice, I would like to spend my life peacefully with her,” and instead, unfortunately, Alzheimer interrupted some of their projects, but the love never diminished, quite the contrary.

Banfi said that during last year’s pandemic, Mrs. Zagaria looked at her Lino and asked him, “Lino, can’t we find a way to die together, the two of us? Because if you die first, I can’t do it.” It’s hard to hear, but Banfi wanted to try and wrote to the Holy Father, after which the letter was published in the weekly. closeness. “I asked the Holy Father exactly what you asked me to ask. I told him about your desire to leave together, at the same time, holding hands, as we always did in our lives. The pontiff responded by letting them know that he did not have this power, but he would still pray for them.

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