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DISPUTES: Does Santos belong to the foundation? Has potential compared to Can’t be trusted

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Eduardo Santos, this is a big topic. Slavia’s Brazilian stopper played four full matches at the beginning of spring, but so far it doesn’t make much of an impression. The last time he made a mistake was in Teplice, where Prague played only 1:1. So the question is simple – should Santos stay in Jindrich Trpiszowski’s starting lineup? Read the DISPUTES of the Sport newspaper and the iSport.cz server.

Jan Vacek – YES

Attracting potential

First of all: this should not be a defense of the spring performance of Eduardo Santos, which is not even close to the level that Slavia demands in this position. I can imagine that the vast majority of ardent fans would have closed the door to the Brazilian defender long ago. However, I think it would be a rash move.

Yes, Santos makes cheap mistakes. On the pitch, he appears lethargic and godlike, as if his job is completely dependent on him. At the same time, from time to time he can also offer a completely elegant solution to a defensive situation when you simply wonder. These are glimpses of gigantic potential and super-powerful performance.

Unfortutely for Slavia (and the player himself), they are still greatly marred by these excesses and bugs. But perhaps it is the realization of what kind of player Santos can be that brings Jindrich Trpiszowski to the point where he gives him a chance again and again. And he believes he will find a way to get the most out of the lanky cork.

It would certainly help Santos if he had someone by his side to lean on. Confidence. Stability. Pillars, which were the last personified by Ondřej Kudela. After his departure, there is no one like it in Slavia. Igoh Ogbu is just starting to look around, while Aiham Usu and Taras Kacharaba often have enough to take care of themselves.

In Pilsen, he found such support from Lukasz Heid. That is why he made a much more confident impression in the west of Bohemia, although he played many matches at the right-back position. Eden Santos does not have this service yet.

If Slavia finds a way to help him, he can bring him back to the club many times over. After all, even in the case of such Michael Ngado, it took some time for everything to fall into place …

Radek Spryr – NO

You can’t rely on a Brazilian

The spring part of the season is slowly reaching its peak, approaching the decisive championship race. In particular, Slavia will challenge Pilsen in less than three weeks, already on Sunday they host Slovacko, a compact team showing off their accumulated muscles. We need to refine the game, brush aside mediocrity, rely on the working units in the first team. Now everything should be tip-top, otherwise there is a risk of running into fatal problems. And that’s why the core product development team should exclude Eduardo Santos from their plans.

The beginning of spring was supposed to serve as a revival of the Brazilian, to correct a weak autumn. Against teams in the bottom half of the league, he had to be nobly, confident, attention-grabbing with a confident display and an unquenchable desire to prove to everyone that the first half of the year was just the result of a combition of unfavorable circumstances.

But Santos showed none of that. The highlight was the match in Teplice, where he was badly coached by Gning and Wahoushek Jr. The problem is in the head of the Brazilian. In a very special mental attitude and the resulting snobbery, a handshake with laxity and with some – unfortutely, obvious – non-participation.

At the same time, Santos is damn good at football. From time to time, he will show a perfect defensive solution, almost a burst of genius, but in an instant he will cool off and fall into a mode where his teammates are worried about what he will do on the field. So is the entire bench, led by the coaching staff.

True, even after the twentieth round there is no one hundred percent confidence in Santos. Therefore, already on Sunday, he should be out of the squad, and Trpisovski should entrust the work on the battlefield to others. Either a proven pair of Usou – Kacharab, or replace the unplayed Ukrainian with a conscientious Ogbue.

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