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Soroka about the mission in Trencin, an uncluttered hut and Sparta: Prisca is the one

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He is in his element. A year and a half later, Frantisek Straka (64) is engaged, which means that his eyes are shining and his voice is heard. He intersperses sentences with sweeping gestures, English and German words. He is most worried when asked why Bayern fired mager Julian Nagelsmann. “Hasty, unnecessary,” shakes his head the new coach of AS Trenčín, the penultimate team of the Slovak league Fortu. What is his friendship with Jurgen Klopp like? He also talks about this in an interview for iSport Premium.

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After training, he stands on the artificial grass of the stadium in Sikhoti and looks towards the podium, above which the castle of Matus Czak rises majestically, almost vulgarly. Then he exhales cheerfully, “This is my home.” František Strák has already missed coaching a lot, the last time he prematurely said goodbye in the second division “Trshinec”. He immediately jumped for the lasso from Trencin. He was given the traditiol task of saving the team in the competition. That’s what “Franz” is a cadet for. “I will fly into it,” he assures.

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You have been out of work since the end of August 2021. Worried about whether another worthy offer will come?
“It would be better if my mistress told you about it. (smiles) I spent the most time with her. It’s great that we have common interests. When you love football like I do and just comment on it, you really miss training. Although I must say that the review of St. Noah gave me great pleasure. It was flawless, but dark thoughts came, that’s for sure. Everyone says to me: You are already so old… I hate it! This is not a question of age, but of vitality, strength, knowledge. I am very happy to be back on the field. I’m in, I’m looking forward to everything. I will do my best to make this mission a success.”

So the wife is glad you have something to do.
“When an athlete is next to you, she can imagine how a person suffers. She was with me in all countries, came to my matches. He is not in Trencin now. Unfortutely he died two weeks ago

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