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The police closed the investigation of a fatal accident in Bratislava: a cellmate hit Dedeckek with his fist!

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Five people died in a tragic accident at the Zochova bus stop in Bratislava. In October last year, sports official Dušan Deděček (60) drove his car into a bus stop at high speed. Six months later, the police closed the investigation into the tragic incident. According to the Slovak newspaper Nový Čas, the police were also helped by the statement of a cellmate who was sitting with Dedeček in the pre-trial detention cell!

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The tragedy shook the whole of Slovakia in early October last year. Dušan Deděček, who at the time worked as a high-ranking sports official, was driving drunk and crashed into Zokhov’s bus stop at high speed.

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At that moment, several people were standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus. The accident had fatal consequences. Natalia (19), Richard (19), Bronya (21), Marek (20) and Sasha (20) died.

According to the newspaper Nový Čas, investigators have completed a six-month investigation. The file is very large. It consists of eight volumes and contains almost three thousand pages. The police were allegedly helped by the testimony of a witness who, together with Dedechek, was in a pre-trial detention center!

“Now it’s the prosecutor’s turn to file charges. said lawyer Patrick Benchik, representing the family of student Natalia, who died in the tragedy. If Dedetchek is found guilty, he faces 20 to 25 years or life in prison.

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Source: Blesk

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