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O2 will make Datamania 100 GB more expensive for existing customers. For a mandatory additional fee, they will receive a 5G connection – MobilMania.cz

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The Datamania prepaid card from O2 is considered to be the best option for getting the best mobile data prices on the market of Czech operators. The 100 GB package still costs 300 kr per month, which translates into a favorable converted price of 3 kr for 1 GB of data. At the same time, the standard price for many other (including fixed) tariffs of domestic operators is prohibitive 50 kroons per 1 GB.

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Of course, Datamania has its “buts” – it cannot be used in roaming today, it has expensive call and SMS rates, it does not work on 5G networks, and it can annoy someone that it is only a prepaid plan. Also, convenience will decrease from June, but not by much. The operator announced a price increase with a mandatory notification one month before changing the service parameters.

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Claimed download speeds up to 800 Mbps

From June 8, 2023, 349 kroons will be charged for a 100 GB package instead of the current 300, i.e. the price will increase by 49 kroons (+16%). Here we are talking about packages used by existing Datamania customers, new SIM cards are not currently available for sale. However, it can be assumed that even after the next wave of new SIM cards enter the market (probably this will happen again in the summer), they will already be at an increased price.

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O2 informs customers in advance of changes to the service parameters – in this case, a price increase and the addition of 5G connectivity.

As a small compensation for the rise in price, the operator has prepared a novelty for customers in the form of Datamania access to the O2 5G network. “From June 8, 2023, you can use the modern 5G network with your 100 GB data package and thus meet at the highest speed. On the same day, we adjust the price of said package to CZK 349 for 30 days. If you do not agree to this change in terms, you may termite the service without pelty.” specified by the O2 operator in the terms of service.

The customer can use the 5G network subject to several conditions. They must have a smartphone or other device with 5G connectivity, a type of SIM card for 5G connectivity (called ISIM) and, of course, they must be within O2’s 5G coverage. The carrier claims the maximum speed on its 5G network is 800 Mbps for downloads and 100 Mbps for downloads.

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Source: O2

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