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Carlos Vemola vs. Patrick Kinkle. Dvorak celebrated with the inspector: they will never be friends

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He himself has another fight in the UFC already on June 11, but he really liked the fight of his coach and he is pleased with how everything turned out. David Dvorak has long been a confidant and friend of Patrick Kinz. But he also knows Carlos Vemola well. In any case, he is glad that a sharp fight is already in the past and advises the fans of both fighters: “I hope that now many fans have seen this fight, they appreciated who is doing what, how he is doing. And at least the fans will bury the hatchet.”

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“Filly” (smiles).

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And how do you actually experience it? You are a close friend of Patrick Kinz, but you also know Carlos Vemola well.
“I’m really glad it’s over. I don’t think we’ll ever have friends, but it could end all the chatter and stuff that’s been going on for a long time. And it’s going on. Patrick has had it in his head for a long time “You could see it on him. Now everything will fall out of him and I think it will be calmer in training. Chorus, how he will go to the game with me now. I expect that this will only bring benefits.”

Yes, you’re up against Matt Schnell at UFC 289 in Vancouver on June 11th. Patrick Kinkle is now enjoying his holidays with his family and will return to work as your coach. That victory of his must have cheered up your team, right?
“Of course, it will just be a lot of fun. I enjoyed this whole trip and I believe that since we led Patrick to a great victory, we will enjoy our holiday in Cada again and I will go on vacation” (laughs).

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By the way, given that you have a fight in the UFC, and Kinkle is your coach, could he even pay attention to you when he was preparing for the fight?
“Yes, yes, he paid attention to me. He does it very well, he has a match, and even a week before giving birth, he discusses the diet and test results with me. He takes my test results, studies them and gives me feedback. So even a week before the match, he pays attention to me. Hats off to this, a lot of people would be blindfolded, self-centered and uninterested.”

Especially when he talked about it as the fight of his life.
“Exactly. However, he still found time for others, which is important to me. It shows that you can’t just look at yourself and you have to take care of others and build relationships, then everything works.”

If we go back to the feud between Kinkle and Wemola. As a fighter, have you ever experienced something like this?
“I have had several exchanges, but never anything so persol. It was very persol for them, it was about something completely different.”

You said they’d never be friends again, but do you think things will calm down somehow?
“I think that on the part of Patrick, yes, everything will collapse from him. He took revenge, he won, the damage there was terrible. There was no doubt about it. Carlos could not make a single breakthrough, because Patrick always got up. at this point, the downs don’t wake up.I think there might still be some response from Carlos.He might try to get revenge.

You think?
“That’s the question, isn’t it? I think Carlos will get better now. Patrick will have some kind of defense in the future, I don’t think it will be with Carlos right away. Especially when he’s still talking about the Attila match. So Hard to say.

It was very hot even among the fans of both fighters. What would you say to them?
“To be honest, I never understood it. Why are people like this? Why would I hate another club that I don’t support myself? Or another athlete. We are in a free country, everyone can support someone, but we should not hate another person for it. They’re still athletes. Whether one or the other wins, our bread won’t get any cheaper because of it. There is no water either. (laughs) Even if we support them and use our emotions, there is no need to scold someone because of this, to be angry “It’s no use to me. And I hope that now many fans have seen this match, appreciated who is doing well. And at least now the fans will bury the hatchet.”

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