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Czech drivers do not know the basic rule. It is often demolished here

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Do you know when to give priority to everyone, or when you are free to continue?

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Although we have already covered multi-lane roundabouts on Auto.cz, the main focus then was on traffic flow. But issuing a priority is also an important issue, which drivers do not always fully understand. After all, the Bezpečné cety portal also drew attention to this.

The difference between roundabouts with a solid lane and without a solid lane should be puzzling to drivers. At the same time, the difference is quite fundamental, and in the worst case, a mistake can lead to a traffic accident.

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The essence of the problem is perfectly illustrated by the animation published by the portal Bezpečné cety. Here we see cars approaching a multi-lane road at a multi-lane roundabout, while the yellow car is moving into the inner lane. In this situation, it may seem that the driver entering the far lane from the road is not obliged to give way to anyone, but this is a fundamental mistake.

In this case, this is a roundabout without a solid lane, so drivers approaching the roundabout are required to give way to all drivers at the roundabout, as required by the signs in front of the roundabout and the horizontal markings that define the edge. crossroads.

The ratiole is simple – if a driver in the inner lane wants to leave the roundabout, he must move to the outer lane, thereby crossing the path of both oncoming vehicles. In some situations, even the drivers might not be aware of each other, so they had no chance of avoiding a collision. For the same reason, it is important to pay attention to the signs before the roundabout and maintain the right of way.

A different situation applies to multi-lane roundabouts with a continuous lane. Vehicles approaching a roundabout on the right lane, which then continues as a solid lane, do not have priority. In contrast, drivers on the roundabout who wish to leave must give way to drivers on the outer solid lane.

At the same time, we can recognize a roundabout with a solid lane thanks to the markings in front of the roundabout. A vertical road sign in front of a roundabout must indicate the number and location of traffic lanes, including the overtaking lane, if any. The horizontal road markings on the road then define an intersection boundary for a roundabout without a solid lane, or define lanes for entering a solid lane.

Thus, it is reiterated that before entering a roundabout, it is important to perceive the vertical and horizontal road markings. In doing so, however, one must be extremely careful and take into account the risk that other drivers may make a mistake.

Source: E15

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