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JVC TH-E741B soundbar review. Sound with Dolby Atmos for those who want more – AVmania.cz

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  • Rich hardware connectors
  • Reliable exterl wireless subwoofer
  • Good performance and sound
  • Dolby Atmos


  • Display cannot be turned off
  • Sound could be more balanced
  • it doesn’t have a night mode

If you have a new large screen TV, you’ve probably found that the sound from the TV is just “small”, especially for movies. It has low performance, weak bass, especially with cheaper TVs, manufacturers focus mainly on features and images, the audio part is left aside.

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The JVC TH-E741B soundbar falls into the category of affordable soundbars that solve exactly this problem. It’s not expensive and offers very solid equipment.

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Appearance and design

The black JVC does not deviate from the unobtrusive design that distinguishes soundbars, because their task is to impress with sound, not appearance. What immediately pleases is the metal front panel that protects the four transducers that the soundbar is equipped with, you have two tweeters and two center ones on the sides. They are powered by a 2x 60W amplifier.

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You can also find in the continuation for subscribers

What features and equipment

What connectors and connection options does it have?

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How it plays

Try for 1 CZK

Or standalone Live Premium

Source: E15

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