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Self-driving Toyota Supra becomes a collectible Hot Wheels

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The first months of 2022 gave us the first self-driving car to drift on the track, an event that will remain in automobile history: for this reason. Toyota Supra TRI becomes a Hot Wheels collectible As explained by the Toyota Research Institute.

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We can see this in the short promotional video released by Toyota. the car comes in packaging bearing the “Hot Wheels Boulevard” badgeIt is a sub-brand specializing in a premium range of collectibles introduced in 2020. And as reported by Hot Wheels fans, they’ll be happy to know that this model will likely come with many other cars. hotwheels.fandom.comamong them iconic vehicles such as the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti (Alfa Romeo EVs will maintain an exciting design unlike current electrics), the Mercedes CLK-GTR, the DMC DeLorean and the Porsche 911 964.

Returning to the Supra, which enjoys going sideways independently, we recall: it is actually a car that was born with the idea of ​​developing driver assistance systems.especially focusing on poor grip conditions.

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At TRI, our goal is to use advanced technologies that empower and empower people, not replace them.“Avinash Balachandran, senior director of Human-Centered Driving Research at TRI, said in February.”Through this project, we are expanding the zone where a car is controllable to provide regular drivers with the instinctive reflexes of a professional race car driver to handle the toughest emergencies and keep people safer on the road.“.

Source: Every Eye

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