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The tragic end of Freya the walrus from Oslo: Killed for a ridiculous reason

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While the news of the end of the poor beluga, who was stranded in the Seine and died of starvation after the rescue attempt, is still fresh, we are witnessing another absurd epilogue of a trapped sea creature in disbelief. Mors Freya was actually culled by the Norwegian authorities would have been “too risky” since he moved.

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Authorities said the creature weighed about 600 kg. threat to human security, because people ignored the constant warnings to stay away from it.

Olav Lekver, spokesperson for the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate, said:Finally We had no choice but to suppress, according to the regulation. It was in an unnatural environment for him.“.

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Lekver explained that walruses also need a lot of rest. curious people rushed to piss off Freya swimming with him and taking pictures of him. In the summer, the Oslo fjord is already brimming with bathers, boaters and lovers of other water activities. Therefore, the presence of walruses exacerbated the situation for the authorities.

Walruses are social animals and rarely go to a new place alone, so Freya spent some time in a densely populated area. For Find some company.

Authorities have repeatedly advised people to stay away from the animal, but no one respected the animal’s safety. The warning that Freya was in danger of dying was useless if they couldn’t convince the curious to stay away. They kept coming from all directions without the slightest hesitation.

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Freya had become a threat to human security. She chased people on paddle boards and canoes, she. We couldn’t take the risk of an accident‘ explained Lekver.

Of course, the sad ending did not go unnoticed, as Dr Rune Aae, a biologist at the University of Southeastern Norway, bitterly said: “Could have tried many other options before killing him. They made a hasty decision.“.

Freya would definitely leave the Oslofjord sooner or later, because that’s something that all previous experience has shown, so euthanasia, I think, it definitely didn’t work“, added.

What do you think of this ridiculous story? Would you wait or help Mors Freya get out of the fjord alive, or do you agree with the harsh decision made by the authorities?

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Source: Every Eye

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