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Horizon Worlds, fans rebelling against graphics: Zuckerberg’s avatar has become a meme

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The latest step in Meta’s expansion of Horizon Worlds is the introduction of adult content and Launch of the platform in France and Spain. Unfortunately, the announcement on Twitter that the service is coming to Europe seems to have been received quite badly by the fans.

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The real problem is, as you can see for yourself, Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter (located below this news), Horizon Worlds’ new monuments have bad graphics, and also that of avatars. In particular, users began criticizing Meta for the poor visual quality of its Metaverse, going so far as to create a series of memes with Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar.

It seems Zuckerberg saw the memes and responded Meta is already working on improving Horizon Worlds avatars and Metaverse graphics. With a series of new screenshots you can see on Instagram, Meta’s CEO said, “Major updates for Horizon and Avatar graphics are coming soon”.

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A novelty that will certainly be welcomed by many users of the Facebook platform, especially after criticism of the latest update, whose graphics are compared by some to the “one”.Teletubbies game on PlayStation 1″. However, more in-depth details on the platform reorganization will likely arrive at the next Meta event in October.

Meanwhile, even Zuckerberg seems to have noticed the bad graphics of his social network: “I know the photos I shared a few days ago are very simple. We made them “on the fly” to celebrate the launch of Horizon in France and Spain. Horizon’s graphics are much better and can deliver significantly higher output – even in the audience virtual reality“.

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Source: Every Eye

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