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Tesla, Dojo server is too powerful: Palo Alto has disabled the power grid

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Tesla just finished its best quarter ever, but it looks like all is not well for the car company founded by Elon Musk. Especially in the last few hours Tesla’s Supercomputer Dojo KO’d the electrical grid Palo Alto, California.

According to reports from FudZilla, the supercomputer is a extended blackout of the electrical grid In the last few hours of the American city during some preliminary testing of its new chips. According to the press, the outage, which will show the “power” of Tesla’s new supercomputer, may be due to an error in the company’s calculations regarding the consumption of its new superserver.

Incredibly, last year Tesla Chief Systems Engineer Bill Chang Praises Palo Alto’s electrical infrastructurebuilt or powered largely in collaboration with the American automotive giant,”“We started testing our transmission and cooling infrastructure at the beginning of the year and reached 2 MW before it caused a power outage and received a call from local authorities.”.

But the Dojo supercomputer Built from the ground up by Tesla to test AI of self-driving cars (and most likely the new Tesla Optimus robot): specifically, the server must be able to analyze a series of risky situation videos to “teach” the AI ​​how to behave. if these occur while driving. In addition, the entire server architecture entirely developed by Teslawithout the support of externally produced chips.

Source: Every Eye

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