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Toyota Aygo X to the test in the deer test: how did the little Japanese behave?

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Three cousins ​​of the former PSA group, C1, 107 and Aygo have retired, but Toyota did not give up the model by giving life to the Aygo Xit now has a raised body and is a reinterpretation of the famous city car theme that is more practical than before and now the Spanish team of km77.com has put it to the test in the deer test.

We’re used to seeing higher-end cars (the Renault Megane E-Tech behaves like this in the deer test) pressured by the Iberian YouTube channel, but even city cars can’t escape the grueling test it puts through.
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behavior of the car during an emergency maneuverin this case, simulating an obstacle avoidance on the marking strip.

The “benchmark” speed to consider the commendable test is 77 km / h, but the Aygo X immediately showed certain difficulty in completing the test at such a high speedand actually the best pass without knocking down the cones was made at 70 km/h. While at reference speed the car could not re-enter the lane, at 80 km/h the behavior was still different: the driver was able to bring the car back into the lane, but with too much understeer.

According to the Spanish testers, the reason for this reluctance to perform the test at higher speeds is primarily due to the operation of the device. stability and traction control systems that proved a little late in deployment, especially at the first lane change, which affects the entire exercise. Finally, it should be noted that the car has rather narrow tires and a composition devoted not to grip, but to efficiency. But in any case, the car always controllable and docileand this is a very important consideration during testing.

Source: Every Eye

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