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This is why fire causes us to have very strange dreams.

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Dreams are often very thought-provoking experiences, yet our brains seem to give. unleash your creativity when affected by a febrile condition. For this reason, the fictitious so-called “fever dream”, often strange and sad.

Everyone knows that dreaming occurs during REM sleep (rapid eye movement) that our eyes move rapidly under the eyelids, as expected. Dreaming is a physiological activity. According to scientists, which can also improve our body’s memory and perception of reality. However, fiery dreams are quite a different experience.

Fiery dreams often manifest themselves as nightmares and interpret the borderline weirdness that’s shocking until then. leave us with an uncomfortable feeling There is no evidence yet that fiery dreams are harmful per se, but they do occur with high temperatures and can be dangerous.

A healthy body temperature may vary from person to person, but the average is around 36°C. Fiery dreams occur when we exceed this standard: Therefore, overheating manifests itself in our body in different unpleasant ways. But to get to the heart of the matter, why do we dream differently than normal?

The effect of heat on our weak brain may be one of the reasons we have wild dreams. may be overheating disrupting proper cognitive function as used in the rehabilitation processes of the organism in adverse conditions.

When we have a fever, it is very likely that sleep is interrupted for different reasons; we sweat from the flu. Everyone knows that we remember only a small fraction of the dreams we have, but the most vivid dream images in our minds are right after waking up. Therefore, every time we wake up, we have to fight the universe. hereditary mood state from the last dream we remember. As a result, if these cycles are repeated, our quality of rest will be absolutely deplorable.

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