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We explain how this card magic works (interactive!)


Our column on the science of magic tricks, which started with the sword stuck in the throat, was very popular. That’s why we couldn’t help giving you a new appointment, this time a interactive card show. The game is worldwideCave of Magic” and the most famous (and easy) ever.

For those who don’t know the trick, here’s a summary: the “wizard” offers six cards, you must choose one without saying it out loud. Eliminating your chosen card will be the magician’s (in this case, the AI’s) concern. How did he know which card he had chosen and then removed it?

Before you continue reading, we recommend that you take a look at the “Cave of Magic” site of the same name. interactive make-upit also allows us to make our own assumptions on the explanation of the same thing and then refute whether it is actually supported by the logical foundations you assume.

Like most magic tricks, this one based on suggestion and superficiality who is paying attention. By repeating the trick, the description of the game actually looks much clearer. To take the litmus test, we recommend ticking all six starting cards that the robotic wizard presents to you: the logic on which the magic number is based will be obvious. All cards changed!

When people try this trick, they look at the first deck and the brain registers a general background like “”.card collection”. Brain does not hide the true face of every card. Then, when the second deck is shown, we see the same scenario with “.card collection”. It is notable that all the cards are different: yes it assumes why are they the same none of the details are hidden.

We hope we entertained you and gave you some. Advice to entertain your friends evenings are at the mercy of boredom. We also recommend that you stay alert for future articles on sleight of hand.

Source: Every Eye


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