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Confirmed new metric prefixes: now Earth weighs six “ronnagrams”

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This Friday, an international group of scientists gathered in France to vote. new metric prefixes will be used to describe the largest and smallest measurements in the world. The reason is the ever-increasing amount of data.

This is the first time new area codes have been added in over three decades. International system of units of measure (YEAH), the most common system.

Accompanying well-known prefixes like ‘kilo’ and ‘milli’ will now be ‘ronna” And “ketta” (for larger numbers) and “murmured” And “He” for smaller sizes.
Quetta, the highest of the new prefixes, corresponds to: one followed by 30 zerosor one quintillion (4 quintillion “alien” objects in our Solar System).

Since the establishment of the International System in 1960, prefixes have been increasingly used. needs of the scientific community. The last time was in 1991, when a chemist intended to express large molecular quantities introduced prefixes”on the road” And “zetta”.

One yottameter is equal to one quadrillion meters, followed by 24 zeros. But even big yottameter may not be enough For Richard Brown, Chief of Metrology National Physics Laboratory, in England. “We’re close to reaching the limit when it comes to expressing data in yottabytes, the largest metric ever‘ said Brown.

On the other hand, it makes sense to have a symmetrical expansion, which is very useful for quantum science and particle physics when you need to measure really small things.

The new prefixes will simplify the way we talk about large objects. As Brown points out, the weight of the Earth is now approximately six ronnagrams (i.e. 27 zeros follow you), while Jupiter weighs more or less two quettagrams (two followed by 30 zeros). These new prefixes should be able to: meet the needs of scientists for at least the next 20 years.

Speaking of mind-blowing numbers, just this month the world population reached 8 billion people.

Source: Every Eye

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