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The disgusting reason Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother asked him to leave


Little is known about Jeffrey Dahmer’s academic career. the Milwaukee Monster. We know that he dropped out of Ohio State University early, possibly due to a school expulsion. The serial killer’s father, Lionel Dahmer, encouraged his son to join the armed forces for a year as an army medic.

In reality, the contract provided for a three-year militancy; however, during his missionary service in Germany, Alcohol addiction increasedforcing superiors to resign. When he was discharged, the military offered him a one-way ticket to wherever he wanted: Dahmer decided to fly to Miami, where he started working at a sandwich shop. This time he will be kicked out of his motel and forced to sleep on the beach. Galveston Daily News.

After a brief stay at his father’s and stepmother’s home, Lionel decided to send Jeffrey to live with his beloved grandmother in hopes of taking control of his own life. Events following this change were also analyzed in our review. dahmer. When? Milwaukee Monster moved in with her grandmother, had “just” committed a murderagainst a young hitchhiker named Stephen Hicks. When he leaves his grandmother’s house in 1990, he will commit four more murders. But why did Lionel Dahmer’s mother decide to kick her nephew out of the house?

If you are sensitive, we advise you to continue reading the in-depth study carefully.

By distractIn 1988, Catherine Dahmer began noticing bad odors coming from the basement. Dahmer worked to dismember the corpses of their victims right in that basement. The stench of decay did not go unnoticed, and Catherine began to complain to her niece. The boy told his grandmother that the sickening smell stemmed from his favorite hobby: taxidermy, preparation of animal skins to protect.

The smell of the corpses of their victims This is what prompted Catherine to kick Dahmer out of her home that same year. She didn’t stay there long, though she could return home after a few months. In 1990, Dahmer moved into an apartment where he lived until his arrest in July 1991.

In less than two years Dahmer 12 killed other men and young men. Comfortable in his own space, Dahmer began collecting body parts from many of his victims. When he was arrested, the police were stunned by the smell of rotting human flesh.

Source: Every Eye


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