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Twitter, incredible: Elon Musk wants to fire more employees

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Just a few days ago, we reported that Elon Musk begged some Twitter engineers not to leave the company at his request to work harder and only in presence. But today, the Tesla CEO was going to do one of the classic U-turns and be ready to do it. firing other Twitter employees.

In the next few hours, in fact, Bloomberg reported that Elon Musk will lay off several workers It cuts Twitter’s workforce even further: we don’t know where the billionaire will cut it, and the 50% reduction in Twitter employees has brought the entire company to its knees, so much so that for some analysts, Twitter will be out of business for a week. Without the return of the stay-at-home workforce.

The main problem for the social network, Elon Musk’s staff cuts and resignation wave Many of the company’s volunteers were resigned by many of the company’s employees after the new CEO in an email urged Twitter employees to work harder at work and unleashed the wrath of everyone who’s ever been employed to maintain the social network.

According to Bloomberg, on Friday, November 18, Musk told Twitter sales manager Robin Wheeler and partnerships by Maggie Suniewick laying off an undetermined number of workers. Always Bloomberg, both executive They would go against Musk’s will and in turn would be fired for it. A series of marketing layoffs may be in line with Twitter’s difficulty finding ads now. business man South Africa took over as CEO.

However, at present, Twitter’s workforce is down in large part: of the company’s 7,500 permanent employees, in fact, Musk appears to have laid off about 3,750, or 50%. Add to that the layoffs between: contractorvoluntary resignations, which would concern about 80% of the employees and amount to a total of about 1,200 people.

Source: Every Eye

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