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There are over 400 different ways to talk about ‘snow’ in Scotland.

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Scotland is a region steeped in history and culture, with a strong and proud people who can withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the region. The highlands of these places are actually harsh, remote, mountainous, cold and full of snow… 400+ different terms to talk about it.

New research into the history of the Scottish language has revealed over 400 words apparently related to Scots (can you eat them, by the way?). As reported by the Guardian, in 2015 a document to record every word used It has led to the discovery of many curiosities in the history of the Scottish language.

During the compilation, 421 words about snow appeared, and there is even one. The word that describes those who are overwhelmed by soft matter: “[s]now-smoor”. Frankly, these terms are not necessarily widely used today and may be unfamiliar to many residents.

However, there are good reasons that led to the creation of all these various words, linguist Dr Susan Rennie of the University of Glasgow told the Guardian:The number and variety of words in the language shows how important it was for our ancestors to communicate about the weather, which could easily affect their livelihoods.“.

Given the topic, you know there’s a very special phenomenon called “snow donuts”?

Source: Every Eye

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