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Instagram, CSIRT: “stealing campaign continues”, how to protect yourself

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L’Italian Cyber ​​Security AgencyIt has issued a warning to users through CSIRT that it is running a “malicious campaign to steal Instagram accounts using Social Engineering techniques”.

CSIRT itself is the only way to protect yourself in the report. Do not send codes from your device as part of two-step verification for third-party users. Obviously, it’s also recommended to enable 2FA by associating your phone number: that way, even if a criminal finds the password, they still won’t be able to access the account without the verification code.

The agency is also responsible in case someone takes over the account. you should immediately inform your contacts through other channelsTo mitigate the impact of the violation.

It seems hackers are using a technique that has been exploited in the past to steal Whatsapp accounts: the criminal tries to discover the six-digit verification code to log in using the app’s official system. After creating the reset request, the attacker contacts the victim via Instagram chat, using incorrect Italian to send the link.

It’s unclear how many people were affected by the scam in Italy, at least at the moment.

Source: Every Eye

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