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Samsung promises: even faster software updates from 2023


One UI 5.0 arrived on Samsung smartphones (or at least the top model of the Galaxy S22 series) in mid-October and has been making its way to all other devices from the Korean manufacturer in recent weeks. Today, however, Samsung promised to do just that. faster release of updates from 2023.

Specifically, Samsung refers to: About two months gap for Android 13It arrived on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on August 15 and only on the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra on October 24. It seems that in the future, the Korean company wants to minimize Google’s software advantage by reducing this time to a month or even a few weeks: On the other hand, if it is true that Google and Samsung will cooperate on their flagship smartphones, faster from 2023 Adoption of new versions of Android On behalf of the Korean giant, this seems obvious.

But in reality, Samsung is not slow at all in the release of new versions of Android and One UI for their smartphones. On the contrary: again this year, the Suwon giant, along with OPPO and OnePlus, were among the first companies to release their own Custom ROM based on Android 13. But other manufacturers haven’t released any software updates yet after three months and it has passed. With the arrival of Android 13 on Pixel 6.

Besides, Samsung has updated a lot of devicesincluding mid-range and low-end smartphones, not just devices flagship. But by 2023, the company wants to roll out One UI 5.0 to all of its phones, or at least as many smartphones as possible, and at the same time presentations Simultaneous new updates across all your devices.

Meanwhile, Android 13 arrived on the Galaxy S21 and S20 a few weeks ago and is now gearing up to make its debut. A-series mid-range smartphone As for the folding ones of the Z series… In short, it seems that what the Korean giant promises will be truly enviable software support.

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