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A whole village for people with Alzheimer’s: how is that possible?


A real village dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s. There is a very special and avant-garde nursing home in a Dutch town. Let’s see what happens.

After seeing the wonderful children’s nursing homes in Japan, here is a country of about 17,000 inhabitants. famous for its chocolate factories and porcelain, perhaps a completely innovative nursing home active that we should be inspired by. We are talking about Weesp, which is located in the Netherlands.

The hostel for the elderly suffering from dementia consists of 23 houses, streets and various buildings. Each of the guests can move freely in the neighborhood as long as they are accompanied. Besides, They are free to equip the rooms with their personal belongings. like photos and furniture. Specifically, this particular method is called “remembering therapy.”

The main goal, of course, is to enable various patients to lead as “normal” lives as possible. As such, they are given performing daily activities such as cookingdo laundry or shopping, go to the bar and do all this under the supervision of the companions.

Therefore, another essential element is the existence of supermarkets, restaurants and theaters that are also accessible by outsiders. This, keep exchanges and relationships active It allows the guests to continue their lives in complete peace with other citizens.

Like the Apple product for Alzheimer’s patients, we probably need to evaluate and take these facts into account in order to take steps forward that is not possible with technology alone.

Source: Every Eye


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