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Why do some birds lay blue colored eggs?


Since Charles Darwin published “Origin of SpeciesWe have discovered a lot about the evolution of every being in creation, but in reality we still know very little. Today we are dealing with an unusual feature that manifests itself in some bird eggs: bluish tones.

Jays, robins, bluebirds, starlings, finches, thrushes, red-winged blackbirds and magpies are just some of the small birds observed in the area. laying blue eggs. Unlike mammals, birds have cloaca, not a womb. It is functional for digestion and reproduction. Some bird species, such as those mentioned above, produce a chemical pigment directly in the cloaca: you knew, responsible for blue tones In the eggs of these flying animals.

A higher concentration of blue color has also been documented in the first eggs, then decreasing in subsequent eggs. The latter can be recruited shadows towards green. But why should this phenomenon represent a benefit to the unborn?

Chicks are extremely sensitive to sunlight, even their parents make their nests in cool and shaded places. But the blue color will help. more resistance to radioactive rays your star. There is obviously a price to be paid: The eggs are easily identifiable by the prey because they do not mix. special with the nest. Darker eggs remain cooler under the lightas too much radiation during incubation can be dangerous.

Without going off topic, have you ever wondered what the difference is between brown and white eggs?

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