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Target for privacy: New compression for the youngest on Instagram and Facebook

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We know this very well now: privacy is a hot topic these days. After accusations against Apple following a report about the collection of user data, there are actually many companies looking to strengthen the privacy level of their platforms. An example? My loveannounced the introduction of new updates.

The news will concern two of the company’s leading social networks: Instagram and Facebook and will target the youth audience, a category that includes all users under the age of 18 (16 in some countries).

These new updates are specifically designed to: Increasing the privacy level of still underage usersthus protecting them from any risk. Profiles that can see where you’ve been or have been tagged, access friend lists, and finally interact and leave comments under posts will change their settings.

Also, it seems that Meta testing new functions This further increases the security of their accounts by blocking teenage messages from profiles of adult users they are not affiliated with. Absolutely good news, right after CSIRT warned that a campaign was being launched to hack their Instagram accounts.

Source: Every Eye

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