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When and why did the white flag become a sign of surrender?

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From time immemorial we have used certain symbolisms to convey messages to others, and the “white flag” is just one of them. At what moment and conflict in history did this image exist? What does “submission” mean?? Even Stockholm uses the white flag to surrender. paper house.

Ancient historians, both Eastern and Roman, have already noted that white flags were used to signal surrender. In the Asian part of the land mass, it was generally believed that the figurative meaning of the object arose. During the Han dynasty (25-220 AD), but other sources deny these origins.

In fact, in a well-known text published in 109 AD, le Stories The white flag is mentioned by Tacitus to signify surrender, contextualized The events of the siege of CremonaKnown as the year 69 AD. four emperors from Rome. In fact, the Romans at that time often surrendered with the shield raised over their heads.

The most plausible explanation is that tradition developed differently and independently in the east and west.

As for the bland color choice, this was probably just a matter of convenience in the ancient world. Artificial colors were still centuries away, so white fabrics were definitely more common and functionalbecause they stood out better in the natural backgrounds where the conflicts took place.

The peacekeeping symbolism of the white banner is now included in the Geneva Convention, although it is rarely mentioned in national flag codes. Italy is perhaps the only country. specifically mentioning the white flag in flag manuals as an indication that a warring power wishes to seek negotiations or surrender negotiations.

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