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Sheep are incredibly democratic animals that change their leaders.

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It is not unusual to hear the word “herd of sheep” to label a group of people. the choice made by following the crowd without thinking too much. Especially in politics. However, after reading this new study, you won’t be using the term again… because the creatures in question are incredibly democratic.

By examining the movements of several herds of 2-4 sheep, these ruminant animals were found to switch between grazing and moving towards green spaces. collective behavior (somewhat like ants driven by a big brain).

Each movement segment has a time leader who guides the group in creating the line.“, say the scientists.”When the leader changes randomly.The reason they chose “temporary boss” is simple: benefit from getting to know the different members of the herd.

Hierarchical structures fail when the leader misses an opportunity or is too stubborn to seek advice. Besides, alternative sheep leadership can reduce conflictsIt is not yet known whether they do this in larger flocks or with rams.

In short, a very interesting and specific behavior that shows how often animals (and, above all, the terms we use) are labeled only by our biases. By the way, did you know that something rather strange happens when sheep are placed under solar panels?

Source: Every Eye

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