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Here’s a foolproof way (in theory) to communicate with your cat

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Cats are not independent creatures who do not love their masters (or rather their subjects), they are just most cats don’t understand behavior, unlike a dog’s more immediate and direct affection. So, in a 2020 study, scientists described a way to communicate with your cat.

The trick is to close your eyes and blink slowly.. No, we’re not kidding, it’s all true! By observing cat-human interactions, the scientists were able to confirm that the slow blink action causes both familiar and unfamiliar felines to approach and accept humans.

As someone who has studied animal behavior and has one, it’s great to be able to show that humans can communicate in this way.“says Karen McComb, a psychologist at the University of Sussex in the UK.”This is something many already suspect, but it’s exciting to have found the proof.

Actually, cats when they have a “partially closed eyes” facial expression, with a slow wink, they convey to their owner that they are relaxed and happy; a kind of “cat smile”, according to researchers. Empirical evidence from pet owners shows that by copying this phrase, people can convey to their pets their sincere and clear intentions to interact with them.

That’s why behavioral psychologists conducted two experiments: In the first, their owners slowly blinked at 21 creatures from 14 different families. The results showed that cats were more likely to “smile” at humans second, after blinking slowly towards them according to the state of no interaction.

The second experiment looked at a scenario where there were 24 fluffy babies from eight different families. This time, it was not the cat owners who blinked, but the researchers who had never had contact with the cat before. The scientists went through the same process as in the first experiment, by adding an outstretched hand towards the cat. The discoveries are sensational: not only felines were more likely to blink (and therefore to show relief in front of strangers) but they were also more inclined to approach human hands.

Something you can try yourself at home with your apprentice or with people you meet on the street. It’s a great way to strengthen your bond with these animals. Try squinting as you would in a relaxed environment, and then close your eyes for a few seconds. You will see that they react the same way and you will be able to start some kind of conversation.‘ says McComb at last.

Our furry housemates use their gaze to show dominance, so this method may show them some friendly intentions. Do you have a cat at home and want to try this new “trick”? Let us know in the comments what’s going on below and remember that they understand you even as you speak!

Source: Every Eye

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