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Elon Musk’s personal wealth plummets in 2022, but it’s not Twitter’s fault

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While Mark Zuckerberg has seen his fortune cut in half, Elon Musk also has little to smile about, but not because of Tesla. Indeed, in the latest update of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the wealth of SpaceX, Tesla and Twitter CEOs Reported a $100 billion drop since the start of 2022.

This was the sharpest drop ever recorded in the ranking compiled by the popular news agency. The 51-year-old player’s fortune reached $340 billion in November 2021. fell to $170 billion yesterday Tesla shares after hitting a two-year low.

As it is known, Musk has approximately 15% shares in Tesla, and it is undeniable that such a trend in the stock market also affects his wealth. Decline in nominal share price It reduced Musk’s fortune by about $8.6 billion in a single day. Since the start of the year, overall Tesla shares are down about 58.03%.

But despite this decline, Musk remains the world’s richest person, putting himself ahead of his South African tech colleagues Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, as well as Bernard Arnault.

Even 2023 doesn’t look easy for Musk: The White House has focused attention on Elon Musk for his ties to foreign governments, especially after the Twitter acquisition.

Source: Every Eye

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